Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems ( LEVs ) may be used in fume cupboards and in workshops. They should be examined and tested at least every 14 months. Access routes, gates, roadways and parking The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require that pedestrians and vehicles should be able to circulate in a safe manner providing protection to staff and pupils at the school. There should be clear segregation and delineation of pedestrian and vehicular access routes, and separation of parking and playground areas. Automated gates and barriers offer an improved level of security but can also represent a significant safety hazard. To understand your legal obligations and for details of best practice for installing and maintaining an automated gate, the charity Gate Safe has developed a guide . HSE also provided guidance on powered gates . If you have trees on your site, you will have responsibilities under HSWA and the Occupiers’ Liability Acts 1957 and 1984. You should carry out routine inspections reflecting the level of risk and following any potentially damaging activities or weather. Further information about risk management of trees is available from HSE and the Forestry Commission . Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas given off by rocks and soils. It is a harmful gas that can enter buildings. Schools in a radon affected area and those in a non-radon area that have a basement that is occupied for more than an average of one hour per week (50 hours per year), should carry out measurements to determine potential radon levels in their premises. You may need to take action to restrict resulting exposures in accordance with the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 . Find out more about radon in the workplace . Schools may have other health and safety hazards within their grounds that children should be kept away from. This would include: HSE provide guidance for employers about the examination of lifting equipment . Equipment used for physical education must be safe to use (under additional resources section 3 of the HSWA ). To ensure that equipment is maintained in a safe condition, it should be regularly inspected. British Standard EN 1176 requires that playground equipment should be inspected at regular intervals reflecting its use, purpose and position.


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Afghan cyclist's fears realized as Taliban aims to forbid women from playing sport By Jack Bantock, Celine Alkhaldi and Hilary Whiteman, CNN Updated 8:08 AM ET, Wed September 8, 2021 Chuck Aoki: Team USA wheelchair rugby star on Tokyo 2020 The United Arab Emirates welcomed 41 Afghan evacuees arriving from Tajikistan on Monday, including 25 members of the Afghan girls' cycling team. They are being processed in the UAE before heading to Canada to begin their new lives. One woman, who does not wish to be named due to safety reasons, told CNN she feared being a female athlete in Afghanistan once the Taliban took over. "Oh my God, it is really tough to explain our situation in words," she said. "It's really difficult because the main reason, specific reason, that I leave Afghanistan was because I was not secure as an athlete. I was doing sports in Afghanistan, but nowadays, that is not safe ... I was forced to leave my country." Following nearly two decades of conflict, the Taliban reclaimed Afghanistan's capital and took over the country's presidential palace, barely a month after the US began the final withdrawal of military troops from its longest running war. On Tuesday, the Taliban announced the formation of a hardline interim government for the country, filling top posts with veterans of the militant group who oversaw the 20-year fight against the US-led military coalition. A convoy of Taliban fighters patrol along a street like it in Kabul on September 2, 2021. The Afghan cyclist's story of athlete evacuation is one of several to emerge from the Taliban's takeover, following on from the evacuation of the women's national football team last month. Former Afghanistan women's assistant coach Haley Carter told CNN how a "ragtag group" managed to coordinate the safe evacuation of 86 Afghan athletes, officials and family members. Carter worked closely with the team's former captain, Khalida Popal , who had also spoken to CNN last month regarding the plight of female athletes trapped in the country. Explaining how sport had become a conduit in the continued fight for women's rights, Popal's sentiments are echoed strongly in the cyclist's own words. "We used to practice, we used to have competitions. We even used to compete with boys ... And we were happy," she added. "But nowadays, it is really disappointing. It hurts us actually to see the situation that the girls will not be allowed. "As a girl cyclist, as an athlete that I was doing sports in Afghanistan to stand for rights of human, mostly girls.