“We are launching a new emphasis program, which will increase our presence in the field this weekend and over the months ahead.” The division’s emergency temporary rule – enacted July 8 – remains in effect until Jan. 3, 2022, or until it is replaced sooner by a permanent heat stress prevention rule, which is expected to occur later this year. The temporary emergency rule applies to any workplace – outdoors and indoors – where heat dangers are caused by the weather. The requirements include expanded access to shade and cool water; regular cool-down breaks; training; communication; and emergency planning. The following Oregon OSHA resources are free and available now to employers for help with complying with the emergency heat stress requirements. These resources involve no fault, no citations, and no penalties: Consultation services – Provides free help with safety and health programs, including how to control and eliminate hazards, and hands-on training Phone (toll-free in Oregon): 800-922-2689 Technical staff – Helps employers understand requirements and how to apply them to their worksites Phone (toll-free in Oregon): 800-922-2689 Moreover, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, which includes Oregon OSHA, maintains a Multicultural Communications Program that provides outreach to communities with limited English proficiency. That outreach encompasses information about on-the-job safety and health. The program includes a toll-free phone number for Spanish-speaking Oregonians: 800-843-8086. Additionally, Oregon OSHA has compiled the following state and national education and training resources to help employers achieve compliance and reduce the risk of heat stress to workers. The following resources are free and available now in English and Spanish. Oregon OSHA fact sheet about the temporary heat stress prevention rule How to Stay Cool in Extreme Heat video – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Protect Workers from you could try these out Heat Stress infographic – CDC Protecting Workers from Heat Illness – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Water. Rest. Shade – Oregon OSHA publication Heat Illness Prevention Plan – Oregon OSHA Heat Stress Prevention Video – Oregon OSHA The federal OSHA heat stress app – for planning outdoor work activities based on how hot it feels during the day A-to-Z topic page about heat stress – Oregon OSHA 14 video resources on heat stress, including in agriculture and construction – Oregon OSHA’s Resource Library Extreme Heat Q&A – Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Sun Safety at Work Video – WorkSafeBC (video produced by the workplace health and safety regulator for British Columbia; it includes helpful information that can be put to practical use anywhere) Preventing Heat Illness in Workers Video – Federal OSHA Preventing Heat-Related Illness Benefits Everyone (U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers) Meanwhile, Oregon OSHA’s move to increase enforcement activity against heat stress is spelled out in its new, soon-to-be-released emphasis program. The program includes further guidance to inspectors on what to focus on and how to document violations under the emergency heat stress requirements. It focuses inspection efforts where either outdoor or indoor work activities are performed and where the heat index – the apparent temperature – equals or exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Under the temporary emergency requirements, employers are required to take specific steps when the heat index reaches or exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit, including providing sufficient shade and an adequate supply of drinking water.


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It’s packed with protein and fiber, thus keeping you full for longer.   Edamame is soybeans, and the pods are boiled or steamed when eaten.   Seitan is food made from gluten, which is the main protein of wheat. You can sauté, fry, bake, or grill it.  As with any dietary change, you shouldn’t miss out on essential nutrients. Some nutrients will be hard to come by, even when you’re eating a variety of healthy vegan food.  Vitamin B12 helps transform food into energy in our bodies and aids in brain function. It’s mainly found in animal-based products such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy. Most vegans need B12 supplements, and fortified cereals or energy bars are an excellent way to get the boost you need.  Related:   The web site Road From Carnivore to Veganism Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body and is in fortified dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and canned fish like salmon and sardines. Vegans can get their dose of Vitamin D in fortified non-dairy products such as soy milk, almond milk, and orange juice.  There are two types of omega-3 fatty acids called DHA and EPA . They are crucial for heart health, eye, and brain development. These omega-3 fatty acids are mainly in fatty fish such as salmon. As a vegan, you can supplement them with flaxseeds, walnuts, canola oil, and soy.  Regulating iron levels in the body is essential to reduce fatigue and boost immunity.  You can typically find iron in animal proteins, but vegans can find this mineral in beans, legumes, and leafy greens. Iron from plant-based sources isn’t as easily absorbed as that from meat sources. To get the most from plant-based iron, eat the food together with Vitamin C-rich food.  It’s advisable to always consult your doctor before taking any supplements, whether they boost your nutrient intake or help your body maintain healthy functions . Learning a few basic plant-based recipes will ease you into the vegan lifestyle.  Start with simple recipes and ingredients that are easily accessible to you, e.g., making vegan versions of your favorite meals. This way, you won’t break the bank transitioning. Once you’re completely comfortable, exploring more complicated recipes will be exciting.     Use this time as a new vegan to learn everything related to the lifestyle. You should always be open to trying food that you may not have eaten before. Food such as tempeh and fermented food will need acquiring at first, but by trying all these different tastes, you’ll discover the ones you enjoy the most.  Read vegan books and follow vegan influencers to receive some great insight into the lifestyle, too.  Lifestyle changes are a huge leap and deserve positive acknowledgment and applause. It’s natural to have moments where you feel completely overwhelmed and discouraged.  If you start feeling this way, remember why you went vegan in the first place. Thinking about your reasons can help give you a clearer perspective of why giving up is not an option.  Indulging in vegan-friendly take-outs is also a great idea. There are several vegan-friendly restaurants that can satisfy any cravings you might experience.  Finding like-minded people with the same habits helps, as well, because we’re highly affected by those who surround us. It can be incredibly frustrating to be around people who don’t eat what you do.   You’ll continuously have to explain your lifestyle to them. Instead, you can connect with similar individuals from social organizations and groups to share tips about anything, ranging from recipes, challenges, advice, and encouragement.  Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is not necessarily challenging, but it requires time and patience.