The European Commission, by its own estimation, will need to invest €1 trillion a year to transition to a zero-carbon economy by 2050. EU financial support could help provide over €200bn per year in the 2021-2027 period, her response which falls far short of that. Get instant access to all articles — and 20 years of archives. 14-day free trial. Our exclusive news stories and investigations. Influential. Investigative. Independent. Watch our editor-in-chief Koert Debeuf explain the reasons in this 30-second video . Currently, the commission set the minimum climate investment at 30 percent for the EU budget (€1,074bn) and 37 percent for the EU recovery fund (€850bn). But according to the report, this is not enough. "None of the funds the EU invests should go to projects that harm the environment," said Eva Lindström, a member of the audit team, in a press conference on Monday. "Some of these funds are still used for fossil-fuel infrastructure." She advised the commission to apply the 'do no significant harm'-principle to all EU funding. This principle means no investment should hinder the goal of transitioning to a sustainable, non-polluting, zero-emissions economy by 2050 - which should be well underway by 2030. "I acknowledge this is a political challenge, but I believe that is the direction the EU should take," she said. The EU taxonomy, a green classification system will help companies adjust to the new reality.


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