Advisors and firms shouldn’t skirt the boundaries and safeguards—the consequences of violating industry regulations are too great—but there are precautions that can dramatically reduce risk so organizations and representatives can fully reap the benefits of text interactions. It requires that companies develop secure programs that can be rolled out across the field. This can be accomplished by leveraging a modern compliant texting solution—which includes sophisticated capabilities such as lexicon blocking, customizable workflows, automatic regulatory updates and archive integration—and can be augmented with external expertise to help drive compliance and risk management best practices. Once comprehensive compliance and supervision best practices are in place, the table is set for driving field productivity. For example, research shows that response time is critical to sales. When potential leads are contacted within the same minute they submit an inquiry, the  increase in sales conversions is 391% ; if response time falls between 5-10 minutes, the odds of  qualifying a lead drop by 80% . In addition,  78% of customers buy  from the company that responds to them first. Responding to inquiries via text is not only fast, it gets far more attention than a form email generated from an inquiry. Additionally, texting saves advisors countless hours. With much higher response rates via text, visit they are no longer forced to spend time on multiple follow-up calls or emails that go unreturned, for example, when trying to set up an annual review with a client. By granting delegates the ability to manage scheduling and service requests, financial reps can focus on the work that benefits clients—such as preparing a well-thought out agenda and recommendations for that client meeting.  From Compliant Texting to Orchestrating Outcomes Beyond compliance and productivity benefits, modern texting programs enhance visibility and workflow orchestration. Syncing client interactions and contact information with the CRM system saves time and delivers insights for managers to improve field effectiveness. Embedding texting within CRM allows advisors and delegates to text within the CRM application screens, saving time switching devices and helping drive CRM adoption. Not only are text details recorded in advisors’ CRM, triggered workflows can suggest next-best actions such as scheduling annual reviews, proactive outreach for required minimum distributions, and lead follow-up. Using this type investigate this site of informed outreach—with personalized texts and follow-ups—helps advisors to hit the mark when it comes to smart engagement.   Texting is a way of life. It has fundamentally changed how consumers want to engage, receive and share information, and financial organizations must adapt in order to attract and retain clients. If they don’t provide texting options to their field representatives, their financial professionals will be at a severe disadvantage in an increasingly competitive landscape where consumers expect rapid, efficient responses on their terms. It can also impact a firm’s ability to attract and retain quality advisors, which is no small factor in the midst of the present hiring crunch. To reap the rewards, advisors should proceed judiciously when texting clients and prospects. Sometimes less is more, and texts should remain focused on value-add for the client or prospect.


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