Matt Scott of the United States battling Jens-Eike Albrecht of Germany for the ball at the Tokyo Paralympics. In the men’s pro leagues, 1.5 points are deducted from a woman’s classification, allowing her team to build a slightly stronger cast around her than it could with a man classified at the same level. Rose Hollermann, 25, of the U.S. women’s team, who is classified at 3.5 points, started playing for a Spanish team in the Canary Islands in 2019, not long after she graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, which has one of the country’s strongest wheelchair basketball programs. She figured she would play one year there in Las Palmas, living in an apartment paid for by the team, close to the Atlantic Ocean. Then, she said, she would return home to “start a career and settle down.” That plan didn’t last long. The fans embraced Hollermann, chanting “Rosa Maria” or “Rosemary.” Her Spanish progressed to the point where she didn’t always rely on the translator in the huddle. And she saw the possibility of having a career in basketball. “I realized it was something that I love a lot,” Hollermann said, “and I don’t know when I’ll be willing to give it up.” Andre Bienek of Germany, with ball, went against the American defense.Credit...Chang W. Lee/The New York Times For men in the Paralympics, playing professionally has become essential. The experience cannot be replicated, players say, even in a high-level amateur organization like the top division of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, which includes the New York Rollin’ Knicks. They would still need to work, leaving less time to play basketball. So the Americans leave home. According to several players, pay varies widely depending on the country and the caliber of the players. But top Paralympians in Europe might receive salaries in a range of 45,000 to 60,000 euros, or about $53,000 to $70,000, for about eight months of work, often with the team covering the cost of housing and perhaps even a car. At the Paralympics, loyalties must be redrawn, at least temporarily. In Tokyo last week, the U.S. find more info and Germany met in the first round, with Bestwick on one side and Paye, who was a groomsman in Bestwick’s wedding, on the other. They have played together for Lahn-Dill under Nicolai Zeltinger, who is coaching the German Paralympic team. “Probably half of their roster right now, I played with at some point in my career,” said Paye, who married a German woman and has no plans to live in the U.S. again.


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